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Argumentative Paragraph (Paragraf Argumentasi) adalah salah satu jenis pengembangan paragraf dalam penulisan yang ditulis dengan tujuan untuk meyakinkan atau membujuk pembaca. Dalam penulisan argumentasi isi dapat berupa penjelasan, pembuktian, alasan, maupun ulasan obyektif dimana disertakan contoh, analogi, dan sebab akibat. Berikut ini adalah contoh Paragraf Argumentasi:

During the economy global crisis, Government should increase the salary of Indonesian House of Representative members. People who disagree with that proposal believe that it is not wise to increase the salary of them because there are a lot of poor people in this country. It is undeniable fact that is really happening, but there are also some reasons to improve the prosperity of Indonesian Representatives. Logically, when the prosperity and salary are enough, the tendency of being a corrupter would be lower. As we know, the salary is already much enough, but there are so many things that can tempt them to abuse their authority. Moreover, they need an appreciation for the big responsibility as representatives. Hard work and full dedication are highly demanded from them. Last, to accommodate public's aspiration in rural area, it needs extra money. Indonesia's area is very large and consist of many islands. They need to going by plane and hotel accommodation when meet people in remote places. For those reasons, government needs to increase the salary of representatives in order to improve their work.

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