By vs Until = Sampai

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By dan Until dapat diartikan "sampai". Kedua kata ini sering kita jumpai pada artikel-artikel Bahasa Inggris. Di bawah ini akan kami jelaskan perbedaan keduanya. Selamat belajar dan semoga bermanfa'at.
  • BY = Tidak lewat dari
  1. Don't worry, you will get your books by Thursday.
  2. I'd better pay the phone bill. It has to be paid by tomorrow.
  3. She is very busy this week. She has to finish this report by Wednesday.
  4. They hope to build the offices by March next year.
  5. You will need to hand your project in by the end of next week.
  • UNTIL = Berapa lama sesuatu itu berlangsung.
  1. She is very busy this week. She won't have any time until Wednesday.
  2. Dave will be on holiday until Monday.
  3. Yesterday he stayed in bed until 12:00.

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