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Definition Paragraph (Paragraf Definisi) digunakan untuk menjelaskan makna, asal-usul dan fungsi hal. Paragraf ini digunakan baik dalam menulis akademik dan dalam fiksi. Untuk menulis sebuah paragraf definisi, penulis harus berkonsentrasi pada peran subjek dalam konteks esai keseluruhan dan daftar perbandingan serta contoh-contoh yang sesuai. Di bawah ini adalah contoh Definition Paragraph:

The IAU has so far recognized five dwarf planets differentiated from planets by a parameter of "planetary discriminant" which allows estimating the capacity to dominate orbits. According to Nation Master Encyclopaedia dwarf planets follow orbits which are not free from other minor celestial bodies. Simultaneously, they always circulate the Sun and not other celestial objects (they are not satellites). Several dwarf planets have already been scrutinized effectively. Their physical properties have been calculated through routine Earth-based observations as well as advanced image-searching software. Since current data may not be entirely accurate, further examinations are undertaken by astronomers and physicists world-wide.

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