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Expository Paragraph (Paragraf Eksposisi) adalah salah satu jenis pengembangan paragraf dalam penulisan yang dimana isinya ditulis dengan tujuan untuk menjelaskan atau memberikan pengertian dengan gaya penulisan yang singkat, akurat, dan padat. berikut ini adalah contoh paragraf Eksposisi:

A disease that causes chronic gastrological disorders, IBD, is envisioned in a spectrum of severities. Cats can vomit heavily, and suffer from continuous diarrhea. Reasons for the disease are yet unknown. Bacterial infections, gastrological irritation, lack of vitamins are often quoted as factors contributing to the development of the disease. Veterinarians, treating IBD in cats, usually prescribe medicine and advice on the dietary management as well as make surgical choices. If untreated, IBD, can be fatal for cats. Research - conducted mostly by pet owners - shows that a cat's diet can be critical. Further research will include inspection of several vaccines. So far, grain-free, raw meat diet has already proved to be largely beneficial.

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