List of Adjectives

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Adjectives (Kata Sifat) adalah kata yang menerangkan kata benda. Adjectives atau kata sifat seperti cantik, besar, mahal, dan lain-lain tidak dapat berdiri sendiri. Di depan Kata sifat harus ada kata benda. Di bawah ini akan kami jelaskan jenis-jenis kata sifat. Selamat Belajar.

Appearance Adjectives

adorable, beautiful, clean, drab, elegant, fancy, glamorous, handsome, long, magnificent, old-fashioned, plain, quaint, sparkling, ugliest, unsightly, wide-eyed
Color Adjectives

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, black,white
Condition Adjectives

alive, better, careful, clever, dead, easy, famous, gifted, helpful, important, inexpensive, mushy, odd, powerful, rich, shy, tender, uninterested, vast, wrong.
Feelings (Bad) Adjectives

angry, bewildered, clumsy, defeated, embarrassed, fierce, grumpy, helpless, itchy, jealous, lazy, mysterious, nervous, obnoxious, panicky, repulsive, scary, thoughtless, uptight, worried
Feelings (Good) Adjectives

agreeable, brave, calm, delightful, eager, faithful, gentle, happy, jolly, kind, lively, nice, obedient, proud, relieved, silly, thankful, victorious, witty, zealous
Material Adjectives

plastic, iron, metal, gold, dll.
Shape Adjectives

broad, chubby, crooked, curved, deep, flat, high, hollow, low, narrow, round, shallow, skinny, square, steep, straight, wide.
Size Adjectives

big, colossal, fat, gigantic, great, huge, immense, large, little, mammoth, massive, miniature, petite, puny, scrawny, short, small, tall, teeny, teeny-tiny, tiny
Sound Adjectives

cooing, deafening, faint, hissing, loud, melodic, noisy, purring, quiet, raspy, screeching, thundering, voiceless, whispering
Time Adjectives

ancient, brief, early, fast, late, long, modern, old, old-fashioned, quick, rapid, short, slow, swift, young
Taste/Touch Adjectives

bitter, delicious, fresh, greasy, juicy, hot, icy, loose, melted, nutritious, prickly, rainy, rotten, salty, sticky, strong, sweet, tart, tasteless, uneven, weak, wet, wooden, yummy
Touch Adjectives

boiling, breeze, broken, bumpy, chilly, cold, cool, creepy, crooked, cuddly, curly, damaged, damp, dirty, dry, dusty, filthy, flaky, fluffy, freezing, hot, warm, wet
Quantity Adjectives

abundant, empty, few, full, heavy, light, many, numerous, sparse, substantial
Mengapa kita butuh list of adjectives? Adjectives dapat merubah sesuatu yang biasa menjadi luar biasa. Kalau Adjectives dipakai dengan sewajarnya, maka percakapan yang Anda gunakan akan lebih menarik lagi. Oleh karena itu, gunakanlah Adjectives itu dengan bijaksana dan hati-hati.

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