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If you are a fan of PS platforms were once popular in Vietnam, then surely the name Metal Slug (or known in the U.S. is published Ram dwarf) will be very familiar to you. This is a game of run and shoot type well known world by the simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and a lot of gamers worldwide favorite. Game has been developed on different platforms like Sega Saturn, Play Station, Game Boy Advence, Play Station 2, Xbox, Neo-Geo Pocket, Nintendo DS.Tinh far, Game has released the eighth edition (in both Metal Slug X), not the version on the PS2, PSP, Wii. But to play the full all eight versions are extremely difficult. But this was Remake 6 SCSI on a PC system, the amount is very small so we can enjoy them easily.

Players' ability to destroy enemy is added to many sins, who in the 10th anniversary edition of a classic Aarcade. Includes Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4 and Metal Slug 5.

When starting the game, depending on the version that we will get different amount of character to start the game, can only have 2 or can have up to four people. You must do more important tasks of the commander as to destroy the fighting machines, rescue hostages kidnapped, collecting special items to increase your fighting abilities.

Game play system with rich and unique features that we encounter in the game, you will be excited to play. With a traditional 2D view of the Game from the Game run and shot on the old system with spectacular action scenes, the game will not make you disappointed. When the game starts, you will not get the task too difficult, you will easily understand how to play better.

Although the game is flawed (like character design slightly damaged, but the jagged split, but it sure Game will give you the feeling of excitement when the fire control characters in a few months soldiers and war machines the other game.

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