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Suffix artinya "Akhiran".

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh akhiran yang sering muncul dalam Bahasa Inggris.

-able, -ible (DAPAT) = membentuk Adjective

  • breakable
  • washable
  • moveable

-able, -ible (PANTAS) = membentuk Adjectives

  • an admirable person
  • an acceptable answer

-ion, -ation, -ition (AKSI/KONDISI) = Membentuk Kata Benda

  • obsession
  • admiration
  • repetition

-en (Me...kan) = Membentuk Kata Kerja

  • You can sweeten your drink with honey or brown sugar.
  • If your belt is too tight then loosen it.

-ful (PENUH) = Membentuk Adjectives/ Nouns

  • a colourful picture
  • a powerful person
  • a tearful child
  • a painful illness
  • a truthful person
  • two spoonfuls/spoonsful of sugar
  • a mouthful of tea
  • a houseful of people

-ify, -fy (Me...kan) = Membentuk Kata Kerja

  • to simplify
  • to intensify
  • to beautify
  • The cement had solidified

-ism (ISME) = Membentuk Kata Benda

  • fanaticism
  • fogeyism
  • sexism

-ist (Orang yang melakoni) = Membentuk Kata Sifat dan Kata Benda

  • Marxist philosophy
  • a feminist
  • a sexist

-ize, (Me...kan) British dan Australia biasanya -ise = Membentuk Kata Kerja

  • to modernize (=to make modern)
  • to centralize

-less (TANPA) = Membentuk Adjectives

  • Something without meaning is meaningless.
  • He has no friends at all - he is friendless.

-ment ( = Membentuk kata benda

  • strong government
  • successful management
  • a great achievement

-ness ( = Membentuk Kata Benda

  • sadness
  • nervousness
  • selfishness
  • kindness
  • the causes of homelessness

-ship ( = Membentuk Kata Benda

  • lordship
  • partnership
  • craftsmanship
  • friendship

-ward (Kearah) = Membentuk Adjectives

  • At least we're walking in a homeward direction.
  • The living room has seaward facing windows.
  • Take the northward road.
  • At last, to our great joy we were sailing landward.
  • Move onward three squares.

-wise (Berhubungan Dengan)

  • What shall we do foodwise - do you fancy going out to eat?
  • Moneywise, of course, I'm much better off than I used to be.
  • What do we need to take with us clothes-wise?
  • We were very lucky weather-wise yesterday.

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